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On The Fly Race Supply
1404 Mayport RD
Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233
Look for Atlantic Bike Company
shop 904-247-1622 mobile 904 451 7774

Hi, I’m Richard Lewis, Owner of On The Fly Race Supply. On the Fly Race Supply is a breaking edge “bike shop” that was created in 2010. Being an avid cyclist, I saw a need to bring bike supplies closer to the cyclists after a long ride at Tsali, NC. Why not bring supplies closer to the trail head, instead of forcing cyclists go out of their way to get much needed supplies to fix a chain, replace a pedal, or replace a broken part.

In all my years of Mountain biking, Triathlons, Xterra races, as a racer,and  an organizer and event staff, I realized a huge opportunity which could be extended to all racers and riders- why not bring supplies to races where racers need it most?

Now we do just that. On the Fly brings supplies to multi-sport events. We bring items such as gear, nutrition, and equipment to racers and riders.

So with the idea of the mobile support in mind, our shop has evolved into an ever present need by athletes. Our sports shop is located in Atlantic Beach, Florida.

Our mission statement: Equip ~ Hydrate ~ Fuel ~ Recover

Thank you for visiting www.OnTheFlyRaceSupply.com

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